Leaders typically are in the position of choosing their weapons, and no doubt some of those weapons will feel completely alien to some of those seeking to be inspired. Such weapons include speech use to tyrannize her political colleagues, harming targeted victims, cracking down against the threat of opposition, and, all the while, contravening the fundamental principles of fairness.

Constituents would like to have a healthy degree of trust in their figureheads, especially when nurturing young women seeking role models in government. Role models play a vital role in shaping our dreams and ambitions because many were raised to be a man’s woman and not their own person. Females today not only struggle for the rights of other females but to personally excel and work in the service of all of our futures. Sadly, for many young ladies, the under-representation of women, growing diversity, and cultural depictions may find it hard to see themselves reflected in the people living their dreams.

Despite their commitment to developing political awareness, their aims may be thwarted when the United States Congress indulges a toxic representative, like Majorie Greene, whose ravings pretend to display the kinds of assertions about fair play and freedom that we are attempting to promote to other nations.

The worst of it is that so much of her cruelty, ignorance, impropriety, and callous behavior pretend to be expressed in the guise of righteousness when in fact, her arrogance and paternalism underlie cradle-to-grave racism. Today, it is exactly the type of illness leading psychotherapists seek to cure in the most staunch bigots who speak and act to make it appear that something is the case when, in fact, it is not.

It may be that there is no other way of invigorating some young women. Possibly, but I do not believe it. In the meantime, however, it would at least help to describe things properly and call things by their proper names. Marjorie Greene envies the earnest and thoughtful quality of her congressional peers, like those known as “the Squad,” who have become so apparent in the progressive elements of this society that Greene almost begs to be caught by the same television cameras. Unfortunately, cultural reality complicates her situation. The women of “the Squad” can express themselves in a way that more closely corresponds to our actual condition and inspires others to change it for the better. Unfortunately, her “caught on camera” moments have offered the nation her daily quota of hideous and pointless rhetoric.

The vulgarity of Marjorie Taylor-Green follows the disfigurement of human rights, which has discredited the legitimacy of the U.S. government and enabled radical right-wing politics to sweep the nation.

Greene’s tribe has sought to cancel out the gains made by the social justice movement in the age of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Lewis. The bitterness of the Trump administration and the constraint of decency by this climate change forms the social context of this message. It may help explain some of the utter ignorance vibrating in the tone of Greene. Waged, in all places, in a city that fancies itself “the cradle of liberty” and treasures an illustrious legacy that she seeks to permanently dismember.

By Khalilah Sabra, Ph.D., L.L.M. // Twitter // Facebook: God Squad Upfront




Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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Khalilah Sabra

Khalilah Sabra

Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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