Corruption has become so rooted in America’s legal system that its poison is being inflicted on the Nation’s institutions responsible for exercising autonomous dominion over areas of human activity in the control of its programs. An environment where citizens can legitimately maintain engagement in federal and state programs is practically null and void. The United States Department of Justice has an obligation, which is to enforce the law and defend the interests of all people in this country according to legitimate rules of conduct; to guarantee public safety against threats, to provide leadership in halting injury to the rights of those who fall under its protection, and to allow provisions for a just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior. Instead, it appears to be standing aloof and refusing to secure justice’s fair and trustworthy administration. Do we have an attorney general willing to commit his authority to the task? The journey to justice begins with a single step toward the indictment for crimes Merrick Garland knows should be prosecuted. “No man is above the law” is a principle on which this country was founded, but it is now mocked by the blatant violation of the rules and no consequences.

Americans remain victims of the corruption of William Barr’s tenor. Although citizens cast their votes in private booths in the presidential election won by Joseph Biden, unauthorized people who violated the voter’s right to privacy were not prosecuted. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Individuals violated Americans’ constitutional rights due to baseless accusations of widespread voter fraud. Supporters of Donald Trump conspired to obtain information private to persons who submitted their choice for the presidency, information that is inherently sensitive to each registered voter. The privacy domain overlaps with security, including the concept of protection of data.

A voting booth is a small room or space where persons can secretly cast their ballot. It is located inside a polling station. Voting booths are essential as they ensure voter secrecy.

No government entity has adopted a definitive set of best practices for election audits. How did these auditors not violate federal law by taking election materials out of election officials’ possession? These auditors are private citizens who had no authorized access to the information of American voters. Why have these people not been prosecuted?

We cannot trust the rights of the Nation’s people to be protected by the Supreme Court as long as a justice’s wife, like Virginia Thomas, make its authority a monstrous absurdity.

Millions of Americans will continue to suffer personal indignity and the deprivation of individual rights due to judicial inaction. As a result, fairness and genuine respect for the rights of people who live in American society remain unavailable. Moreover, in its recent history, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has taken a sharp pro-partisanship turn, giving political actors like Donald Trump unshackled power to enact policies that insulate other Republican politicians from political competition and investigations on corruption.

When prompts and con­scious discrim­in­at­ory beha­vior of determining social policy by far-right extremists like Virginia Thomas through text, it should come as no surprise that the “Halls of Justice” continues to echo the bidding of the Republican Party.

Khalilah Sabra (@khalilahsabra) — MAS Justice Center — Los Angeles/ Charlotte/ San Francisco

 by the author.




Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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Khalilah Sabra

Khalilah Sabra

Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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