By Khalilah Sabra, L.L.M., Ph.D.

Today, Stacey Abrams said that Joe Manchin is “setting forth basic building blocks to ensure democracy is inaccessible to people of color no matter your geography.” Manchin’s resistance to fair and impartial voting rights is historically rooted in racism.

Disloyalty and betrayal of political leaders are a worldwide phenomena. Even in this age of lies & deception, sellouts remain staggering and unacceptable. Manchin’s proposals are more grotesque than any other and seek to ensure that “every black American will be denied access to the right to vote.”

Very few public figures manage to escape the media coverage of their relationships unscarred, many voters have shown the nation that infidelity won’t affect their choice on the ballot. Still, the one betrayal that should never be disregarded or unforgiven is political infidelity. Perhaps it would be wise to remind a man who pretended to be progressive, that he is not the primary reason to be championed as redneck regressive as they get. He kept his “eye on the prize.” Not his prize only but the one he intends to share with Mitch McConnell in recognition of the denial of the rights of minority people.

There isn’t enough payback to ever forgive Mitch for his undisguised political unfaithfulness. This double-dealing routine Mitch conspires in to further compromise the rights of the most vulnerable in the United States history will not achieve his personal goals forever. Even in darkness, we are able to see the seeds of a payoff. Even in darkness, we can smell the stench of his immoral thinking, as it gets shaped by influences outside the ethics of civil rights and civil liberties. We know that our work will not be done in our lifetimes, and maybe not even in our children’s lifetimes. But if we strive to do what we are honor-bound to do, our children will carry the fruits of our labor throughout their lifetimes.

Making use of such dishonest methods in Manchin’s attempt to claim the governorship of Georgia. However, today, we must not let our surprise allow for doubt. Put your doubts aside. Do not let temporary goals deflect you from more permanent ones. If we are to overcome, we cannot be outdone by the charades of the pioneers of disenfranchisement.

 by the author.




Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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Khalilah Sabra

Khalilah Sabra

Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)

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