They are dressed in uniforms, made to specification. The changes are subtle but make all the difference. A small but noticeable dissimilarity is what enables the men who inhabit the attire to display an uncontrolled but increasing tendency to be enormously predatory and brutally aggressive against peaceful noncombative protestors.

Like most predators, they actively pursue their prey, their victims, or wait for them. These appointed agents enjoyed their ability to be unrecognizable in the sense that they are atypical and guaranteed the surety of Donald J. Trump. Once they detect their prey, these pre-pardon pursuers of people seeking only to exercise the right to assemble and practice free speech become free to attack. This may involve ambush or pursuit, even slowly stalking their prey as their victims gather to organize without disturbance. None of this has mattered, particularly to the purported “officers” in unmarked cars who have forcibly grabbed demonstrators off the streets for no justifiable reason.

These abductions were utterly unexpected. Those who watched logically believed that seizing innocent Americans and onlookers, holding civilians captive, broke the law, not upheld it. It was something eerily like what occurred in Yemen during the Trump Administration. It has the psychological shadow of Donald Trump, who, with the help of son-in-law Jared Kushner, has facilitated deals with Erik Prince. After decades of endeavoring to peddle his mercenary vision of warfare around the world, Erik Prince rose like a Phoenix from the assess, and Donald Trump has been the vessel that has brought him back into the game that eventually kills people, kidnaps people, tortures them and forces them under an agenda that lacks any semblance of human rights and principles of decency. Well, guess who has come home to dinner? United States Special Operations fighters had years of specialized training by the U.S. military to protect American interests abroad. They retired and were hired by private contractors like Erik Prince, Trump’s partner in crime. First, in Yemen and subsequently other small countries, the administration sought to do its bidding, not for America but for personal favors. Erik Prince is working under the command of his same master, but the dominion is here in America. These camouflage kidnappers have been classed as being “elite,” but these special operations troopers are using their training to harm Americans. Once hired by monarchies, this private US company is now the private company that has the ear of the president, and he has its loyalty.

What happens next is up to us, right? The size and weight of all these abuses of power are making it harder to see if there are still living bodies underneath who are committed to being unafraid on the streets, who can somehow manage to keep a foot off their necks. Can we don’t something that counters a process not sanctioned by American law? Or will we be keyboard revolutionaries, sitting back, reading our Twitter messages, and inferring who will be the next person of color to become the object of the administration’s oppression? Will the home of the brave sit back and watch a man who has never had to work for anything in his life, break the spirit of those who have had to work for everything in their lives? White demonstrators throughout America have organized, marched, shouted, and mourned. Their efforts have been forever meaningful, and this nation’s principled people will never forget the unselfish solidarity nor recognize the full worth of their contribution. However, while the American dream was obviously tarnished for many of them, the bodies of black people have been discolored by death.

Donald Trump has had everything put on a silver platter, and now he wants America on a silver platter. He doesn’t love America. He loves controlling America. And he will use everything within his power to control the behavior of the people he considers as his subjects. But we are not his subjects. We are Americans.

With Trump, it is also about the display of mightiness and the splendid financial benefits yet to be found in the financial agreements that have been made to hire thugs who imitate law enforcement agents. And so, he sits in front of a television set and relives his moments of power repeatedly. Who cares about national security briefing? He can’t hear them. He cannot make sense out of one subject at a time- especially when he is obsessed over one. Watching American people being pursued for his amusement is certainly enough to lose his attention. Why would we ever think he might have time for Putin’s targeted assassinations in Afghanistan? By ignoring Putin’s crimes, he doesn’t have to talk about his own support for targeted assassinations in Yemen or how he and Kushner facilitated that little for-profit-venture by providing weapons, intelligence, and other support. It would surprise no one if they misled congress or bypassed it altogether. Pompeo complicity has helped them master their skill set.

Representative Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, a former C.I.A. The officer called Trump’s response to the type of action “undertaken by authoritarian regimes throughout the world.” She was right, but now these actions are being taken on homeland soil. So far, the attacks at home have been successful in the eyes of the regime administration. His groups of predators have almost killed several bystanders and removed what they believe are destructive divisions of those who are openly protesting systemic racism.

The executive “cleansing” that design the militia’s orders that allowed for badgeless forces to flock to Washington, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Seattle, Washington used taxpayers money to control what Trump’s determined to be “raging” protesters across the country when, in fact, he used our funding not to counter a pandemic that has killed 140,000 Americans or use the funding for public schools in the fall so our nation’s children will not die. The emperor still wears clothes, but it stains them with cruelty, treachery, and a breach of faith to country and countrymen. Trump during his “bible” moment? Perhaps General Millie might go further than his apology and tell us exactly the names of these shieldless “soldiers.” Will he tell us who are the toys of the president?

We know that Erik Prince was no stranger to Donald Trump. The perk Prince offered Trump was a prize. That prize was being a proxy commander of an elite terrorism unit provided the president the fantasy of being an actual soldier instead of the imaginary one he dreams about. He never ever had to pick up a single bullet. More than one fantasy was fulfilled, and that was the one lurking in the dreams of Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, who was nominated to be Secretary of Education, although she has no legitimate experience on how to construct academic models and methods for the advancement of academic goals. All the honorary positions she was given because she gave something to somebody else, or because it connected her to someone who was connected to someone else, are plain wrong. What is granted should be earned and what we do not earn should not be given as an entitlement when it has not been unearned. Positions that are an immutable sanctuary social order should not exist in a democracy. When we see it, we should question why they do.

Protesters were unarmed. They sang and their mouths were shut, except for chants. Teenagers were struck across the back with clubs. The handicapped were flipped out of their chairs and the men with the guns broke their chairs. Someone who stands for law and order does not throw a handicapped man out of his wheelchair and hit him. When he commits such an act, he becomes a thug and a coward. Children had the barrel of guns in their faces. Hundreds were arrested without breaking the law, and several were beaten after being grabbed out of their cars. These are people we give voice to. We help those who have harmed no one. We may lose some battles. That is inevitable. Sometimes we succeed. Our greatest failure is not fighting for what is right. So, the only way we save our dignity is to pick some level of challenge and we proceed. We never let go of what is right. Once we do, we become one of those countries we criticize or have become suspicious of. We accept leaders who have no right to lead us. We never give up, and we do everything we can to never surrender. Their glory diminishes our civil rights and liberties.

Some unknown contractors will use any brute force to see unfeigned demonstrators fall, but we must never give them the satisfaction. We cannot afford to give them their glory for the cost of our liberty. Their glory diminishes civil rights and freedoms.

Almost four years ago we accepted falsehoods for facts, this time we owe it to just treatment without discrimination, as well to a nation to make sure every truth is counted not just for something, but for everything. Stand your ground America without hesitation. If the numbers are high enough, any attempt to rig the outcome will not achieve the purpose intended. No nation which is free will ever allow itself to be treated like beaten prey, nor the manacled prisoner of anyone who seeks to intimidate us for a political purpose.

 by the author.



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Khalilah Sabra

Khalilah Sabra


Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)