Khalilah Sabra
16 min readJun 20, 2020


We will reap the rewards according to the actions we take. This is the only language that a man like Donald Trump understands. But we must speak in a language that will facilitate dialogue.

We, as part of the whole, must develop a world that sees those who have been denied justice as those who wish to inherit justice but in a way that is constructive instead of destructive.

We cannot wait for another liberator. Liberators do not exist. When they did exist, a bullet ended their existence, Freedom and equality exist when people liberate themselves. Equality evolves when the racist sees his powerlessness. This is nothing predictable about racist ideas. Every era has come with new innovations to cause mass harm to people of color. However, from the beginning, both segregationist and assimilationist ideas were wrapped in reasonable arguments to seem fair, and both have made sure to rewrap antiracist ideas as evil. In wrapping their ideas in virtue, segregationists and assimilationists have seldom disclosed their racist public proposals and schemes. But why would they? Confessing to their crimes is not in a racist’s self-interest. It has been clever and more blameless to identify what they did and said as not racist. Criminals hardly ever acknowledge their destructive actions.

If racism is an error of thinking, then Donald Trump is, by far, guilty of a gross fault in character. He is, by nature, cruel because of a character flaw called bigotry. Altogether, he is unfit to be the “Leader of the Free World.” The President’s intolerance to freedom is antithetical, yet so skillfully maintained that the implacable divisions that exist have become wider. Donald Trump’s nation is “divisible” where life, liberty, and justice are concerned. For a man that knows few things, he understands one thing most clearly: to please his base he must design a racist platform aimed to turn the clock back, to hold back a fierce raging fire with our mere hands. He knows that this is an impossible task. What people in power never forget is what people out of power want and deserve, which is to survive on equal terms with their white counterparts.

Since the election of Donald Trump, hate crimes have been on the rise. White supremacists have been emboldened. Anti-immigrant rhetoric has intensified. Donald Trump has failed to condemn these dreadful instances of racial insult and discrimination because he promotes prejudicial distinction because he promotes Man is a social animal. He cannot exist without a society, but to require him to exist in his birthplace and to which he owes his identity, yet it has not evolved into a legitimate system of democracy that grants him an equal place in society. The disloyalty and fracture between Americans, only on the basis of their skin, have been accelerated throughout the existence of the current administration.

Before Donald Trump was sworn into office, he attempted to methodically divide this country with a proper amount of liberty for some, and an absence of liberty for many others. He openly discriminates and has an explanation for every biased measure he attempts to enact and has the luxury of not placing it into context. In context, Trump’s measures continue to allow for police officers to routinely violate the Fourth Amendment by stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probable cause, and exercising unreasonable force. Many of these constitutional violations have become routine. Instead of dealing with the causes of a divisive society, he’d rather ignore the fact that protest is a public expression of objection, disapproval, and dissent towards the idea that one group is superior and the other group is inferior. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” is hardly a “presidential” reaction. As a growing number of young people take their voices to the street, they are not rejecting authority but embracing moral authority. These are people who know more about the Constitution than the President. Most Americans are aware of the phrase from the Declaration of Independence about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the unalienable rights of everyone. “Life” comes first. Donald Trump has never displayed any respect for the rights or laws of this country, so it would be foolish to expect much of him now. He’d rather target ordinary citizens than deal judiciously with the issues dividing the country.

WE THE PEOPLE have an absolute right to protest. The right to protest manifests from the right to exercise the freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of speech.

Granted, law enforcement plays an important role in society. We cannot negate the fact that we depend on officers during times of emergencies and to assist the public when their presence can de-escalate in a way that protects and serves the people. As our nation struggles with the ongoing uneasy state of police-community relations, police officers and law enforcement administrators must try to instill community trust through their personal integrity and valuable assets, unfortunately, that will not occur with the endorsement of Donald Trump. Quite the opposite, he is determined to turn public support toward policies that cause division.

If you want to contaminate the truth with the hate of and racial mistrust, re-elect the current president if you think it’s fit to allow him to avoid the moral consequences of his actions by portraying himself as the victim instead of the villain he is. What has he orchestrated, but the slow undoing of human rights to which this nation strives to uphold.

Some may still ask, “Who is Donald Trump and why doesn’t he advocate for a society impaired by gross unfairness? The answer is, he craves being the dominating figure, the celebrity that is the spokesman for America, with no genuine concern for America. He has a passion for ruling with an iron fist on the national stage and wants the world to make room for his presence.

Trump has consciously decided that the most important thing to him is the advancement of himself and not the people of this country. His sole concern is promoting himself. As a young man, Trump decided this aim could best be accomplished by doing what was the most popular thing to do — to overpower others with his personality of lies. He does not feel a stitch of shame at intentionally making false statements. Coercion is his cup of tea. He uses the threat of publicizing false information about a person unless certain demands are met. It is often damaging information and may be revealed to family members or associates. It may involve using threats of physical, mental or emotional harm, or of criminal prosecution, against the victim or someone close to the victim. It is all about personal gain, about his position and there is always a profit share.

Although his victims are typically individuals, we are all his victims. American denied equal right under the law, the victims here are those struggling from equality. To a real degree, what is considered ‘adequate’ or ‘necessary’ or ‘sufficient’ for the poor is determined by the rich or relatively rich: it is decided in accord with their opinion of what children of the poor are fitted to become, and what their social role should be. This role has always been equated with their usefulness to us: and this consideration seems to be at stake in almost all reflections on the matter of the ‘minimal’ foundation offered to schoolchildren, which, in a sense, is only a metaphor for ‘minimal’ existence.

This behavior not only exacerbates tensions in its own right; it has the effect of stifling community confidence that is absolutely vital for effective policing. And this, in turn, deepens the widespread distrust provoked by a department’s further unconstitutional exercises of police power, none of which is more harmful than its pattern of excessive force.

Black Americans make up over 90 percent of those charged with highly discretionary offenses described as “Manner of Walking Along with Roadway” Manner of Walking Along Roadway. And the use of dogs by police appears to have been exclusively reserved for Black Americans; in most Southern police departments, the majority of persons bitten by police dogs were Black Americans.


The evidence of racial bias comes not only from statistics, but also from remarks made by police, city, and court officials. A thorough examination of the records, including a large volume of work emails, shows a number of public servants expressing racist comments or gender discrimination; demonstrating grotesque views and images of Black Americans in which they were seen as the “other,” called “transient” by public officials, and characterized as lacking personal responsibility. Police officers routinely violate the Fourth Amendment by stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probable cause, and using unreasonable force against them. According to police records across the nation, officers frequently infringe on residents’ First Amendment rights. They interfere with the right to make complaints.

This will go on as we join with all Americans to ensure that public safety is not a burden undertaken by the brave few, but a positive collaboration between everyone in this nation and the steps that we have taken are only the beginning of a necessary and inclusive process to promote reconciliation, to reduce and eliminate bias, and to bridge gaps and build understanding.

The decision-making structures of bigots are themselves a problem. Assuming the case where the ultimate leadership has no political will to end prejudice, empowers those committed to a white nationalist nation where “all of us” becomes a select group of “we” as a determining factor eliminating the likelihood of equality because of the amount of power the inner circle wields, and the willingness of the inner circle to go against the policies of the ultimate decision-maker. Inner circles with low-ranking power and a strong willingness to denounce will have a slight chance to bring about equality unless their leader is a willing listener. Donald Trump has not been willing to listen to the message of people of color. He has only used a few black males for photo opportunities.

WE THE PEOPLE face a society that is brutally pragmatic, technologically accomplished, deeply racist, increasingly overcrowded, and unsupportive. In such a society, the absence of social and economic value is a crucial factor in anyone’s fight for the future.

Those who claim to adhere to democracy must be willing to admit to the fact that the United States is not led by a president who embraces democracy. Democracy demands a kind of affection and respect, for equality, and encouragement, and support for justice for all. An American president must have an awareness of these basic characteristics to possess an incalculable source of strength to uphold constitutional mandates.

The man wasting space in the White House intends to offer liberty to some people while denying it to others. He seeks to create the circumstances that put him in a comfortable position with his base. Being such, the ascendancy of evil over good is a place that brings him comfort, so much that he will beg a foreign dictator to help him regain it.

WE THE PEOPLE believe leaders must be bound by the standards of behavior that recognize what this country stands for. We the people have the right to impress upon our congressional leaders to have those who abuse their power and methods to harm their fellow citizens for protesting for human rights and peaceful assembly, which is critical to a functioning democracy.

The words of Donald Trump’s pledge of allegiance are very clear: Trump pledge is to “one nation that is clearly divisible” and, in view of what we’ve seen of the unwavering divisions that exist and are so skillfully maintained, there are no doubt his beliefs are unquestionable. The nation is hardly “indivisible” where justice is concerned. It is at least two nations, quite methodically divided, with a large amount of liberty for some, no liberty that justifies the word for many others, and justice — in the sense of playing on a nearly even field — only for the people whose skin color can afford them to inherit it.

WE THE PEOPLE will not swear absolute allegiance to a single viewpoint, goal, or interest of one man who seeks to embrace a dictatorship instead of a democracy We reject his unearned Weand illegitimate authority to deny citizens who will to be free and leave their children the rightful inheritance of being free. We insist on eliminating the presence of any leader who cares about pride over profit and profit over people.

Donald Trump decided to have his first campaign rally in months in Tulsa. It is the 99th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, when a white mob descended on an affluent black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Greenwood District, which was known as “Black Wall Street,” was decimated in a matter of days. Roughly 1,200 homes were burned, 35 blocks burned, and an estimated 300 black people killed. Violence is never is justified, but seen in this context amid a highly toxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentment, stoked by bad feelings, and spurred by racism and insult, it’s not difficult to imagine how a crowd may act when Donald Trump is purposely fanning the flames of resentment and hate.

WE THE PEOPLE protesting in the streets are social reformers, and American soldiers or attack dogs will not destroy the movement and abuse its authority allowed by a madman to bear arms against the people of the nation. We will make America great again by dismantling a system of oppression.

The murder of black unarmed victims has left advocates for equality along with the black community polarized, deeply polarized; a community where deep distrust and hostility often characterized interactions between police and area residents; a community to protect public safety, but as a way to generate revenue; a community where both policing and municipal court practices were found to be disproportionately harmful to Black American residents; a community where this harm frequently appears to stem, at least in part, from racial bias, both implicit and explicit; and a community where all of these conditions, unlawful practices, and constitutional violations have not only severely undermined the public trust, eroded police legitimacy, and make residents less safe but have created an intensely charged atmosphere where people feel under assault and under siege by those who are charged to serve and to protect them.

WE THE PEOPLE have begun a variety of ways to disenfranchise a list of deliberate processes that negate the will of the American people. This government will not maintain its attempt to deny black and brown Americans their human rights and be treated with dignity.

A race with whom the society had always denied educational equality, economic value, is still denied social value. A problem of all Black America: is survival. An analysis of the obstacle to true equality and freedom must begin with a single, overpowering socioeconomic truth in the society: Black Americans are obsolete people. While this certainly is not accurate in a moral sense, it is true where, in 2020, it remains an issue: it is true in the minds and measures of those who, with inordinate power and authority, control the nation. While it may not be so true among the general population, mass sentiments against oppression and potential elimination are not adequately strong to cause these plots to fail. Black Americans have lived beyond their usefulness. Their status in this society has never been an issue that has been held as the nation’s issue. Once an economic asset in the time of slavery, they are now considered an economic drag. The wood is all cut; the water is all drawn, the cotton all picked, and the rails reach from coast to coast. The ditches are all dug; and only a few shoes remain to be shined. Thanks to modern machines, the sweat chores of the nation are done.

WE THE PEOPLE will possess the values that support the moral and legal entitlements that are deserving of every human being living in this developing democracy. We have experienced forced labor in exchange for pay that did not allow us to satisfy our hunger, to clothe ourselves, to have decent lodgings, or to bring up our children as dearly loved ones.

Blacks in America have had 350 years of nationally sanctioned slavery and another hundred years of deceitful enslavement outside the national law. Now they are irreconcilably committed to personal dignity and justice as a people: Their patience, like the covered wagon, is gone. But the hope remains that they, unlike the covered wagons, exist on human and civil terms.

WE THE PEOPLE refused to accept government manipulation. We reject that human beings suffer the indecency of cages and family separation. Black and brown people here want to survive, no longer as second-class citizens or some man’s possession. Can we? Not with Donald Trump in office. He must go and we must vote to force him out. The lines will be long on November 3, 2020. Still, if we don’t line up, it will equal lying down. If we lie down in America, Donald Trump will walk on minorities in America.

WE THE PEOPLE have the right to choose who leads this nation and to remove who vandalizes this nation. We the people have the right to decide who represents this country in the senate who should be removed for dereliction of duty and abandoning the rights of their constituents, such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. These are the kind of men who have chosen the kind of leadership that lacks morals, abuses their authority, and allows lawlessness.

Not once has Trump spoken of civil rights and liberties. He’s a first-rate manipulator, a successful wheeler-dealer. He believes that no one can stop him. Instead, he has mastered the deeply offensive idea to use the art of division to put hate back on the streets of what should never be part of the social architect of the United States.

WE THE PEOPLE cannot be denied the right to have our voice counted by an administration who seeks to limit our choice and degrade our right to replace outdated leaders who abuse their office.

This country has always been a symbol of the world for liberty and fairness. But now we have become also a symbol for another kind of people, for strong-armed racist and hatemongers that know nothing about freedom of speech unless it is filled with ultraconservative psychosis, fueled by an autocrat living on Pennsylvania Avenue. The defenders of this autocracy exemplify Trump’s administration as an anticipated phenomenon, but in reality, it is the most corrupt situation in recent history.

Although one of the goals of every autocracy is to make its preferred social order seem worthwhile, permanent and timeless, in reality, the Trump administration has made it nothing less than a moral disgrace. You can’t punish a person for expressing a right to denounce bigotry, lawlessness, and the brutality that we all see. That’s where the president’s imposition challenges the United States Constitution, the highest law of the land. The President of the United States is obliged to enforce the amendments that consent to individual civil rights protections, not denounce them. We the people must understand here’s no reasonable doubt about what his intentions are. It is to control Americans, not lead them.

WE THE PEOPLE will show the world what brave people can do when working for liberty together and embracing each other based on mutual respect, equality without distinction. Trump is responsible for the consequences of his convictions. And just as God holds those who cause the suffering of others accountable, so should we! We will use every Constitutional right, international right, and the rights from which we are guided by our moral compass. We may exist with different colors of skin, come from different backgrounds, however, we share the human heart. Our faces share a feeling of compassion and a feeling of outrage that this kind of repression has impacted so many lives. We will not be humiliated by any attempt to belittle those who seek a better nation that has been continuously imposed upon members of the minority race.

Citizens, no matter their role, if it’s a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, or even a president, cannot turn moral judgment into a personal sport or create a diversion from what matters to America. We must be vigilant enough to make it plain that we as a society will not tolerate leaders who wish to choose who is allowed to speak and who is not. All of this nation’s people have the gift, the moral leverage, and the right to guide this nation’s decisions and determine its destiny, which does not infringe on the rights of others. Most people who live in this land, value the phrase from the Declaration of Independence about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the unalienable rights of everyone. Our soldiers fight and die for it, the foundation of democracy provides for it, as a people, we pledge ourselves to it. It has as its essence our heritage and our ideals, and these we must not allow the president to destroy our liberties. If we do little else, let us remember one thing: without liberty, there can be no freedom, and without freedom, there is no democracy.

WE THE PEOPLE are deeply proud of our struggle because it is just and noble and indispensable in putting an end to the humiliating bondage forced upon us. Together we shall establish social justice and ensure for every man a fair remuneration for his labor.

We wish to see a modern democratic state established in our country, which will grant its citizens freedom, justice, social peace, tolerance, well-being, and equality, with no discrimination whatsoever. The more closely united we are, the better we will resist oppression, corruption, and resist those divisive maneuvers whose policies are committed to “divide and rule.

WE THE PEOPLE ARE peacefully waging today to win our independence, we do not intend to allow bigots to drive Europeans out of this continent or seize their possessions or persecute them. We do not accept pirates, we are liberators.

Trump is a first-rate manipulator. To be precise, he’s a wizard. He put a bunch of lies into a box, divided the box in half, and out popped almost four years of the most despicable governance known to America. Like any good wizard, he kept the people busy with what he was actually saying instead of achieving, hoping you wouldn’t notice what he was doing with his executive pin; hoping you wouldn’t catch him trying to turn democracy into a corpse. Sadly, enough Americans have not seen through his tricks or they have failed to adequately speak against them. So, the only question is will this country pretend his schemes work or make his delusions disappear?

WE THE PEOPLE will unify the movement in our country. We ourselves are against despotism and dictatorship. We shall revise all the old laws and make them into new ones that will be just and noble. We shall stop the persecution of those who seek free thought. We shall see to it that all citizens enjoy to the fullest extent the basic freedoms provided for by the Declaration of Human Rights. We shall eradicate all discrimination, whatever its origin, and we shall ensure for everyone a station in life befitting his human dignity and worthy of his labor and his loyalty to the country. We shall institute peace not with guns and bayonets but with goodwill.

WE THE PEOPLE have long suffered and today we want to breathe the air of freedom. The Creator has given us this share of the earth that goes by the name of America; it belongs to us and we are it’s only masters. It is our right to make this continent a continent of justice, law, and peace.


Khalilah Sabra, National Executive Director // Muslim Americans for Social Justice and Diversity // www.masijc.org // Twitter: @khalilahsabra



Khalilah Sabra

Dr. Khalilah Sabra, LL.M, (@khalilahsabra): Muslim American Doctorate in International Law, Executive Director (MAS Immigrant Justice Center)